Beaglyn Beagles - Melbourne, Australia 

Beagle Actors

Beaglyn Beagles have made several screen/media appearances.


** Jack Irish - Dead Point (2013)   Made for TV movie   (Shelby and Tyson were custom dogs in a dock yard at night)

** Now Add Honey (2015)  Commerical film   (Brandi/Nikki also playing custom dogs in an airport)

** Asian TV commercial (Digby played a well behaved beagle running with his owner over a bridge)

** Cruelty Free campaign (Georgia in print media with Dr Katrina Warren)


Beaglyn Beagles are available for screen/media work -

Please email Meagan at [email protected]    (for a return phone call)

Contact Details
Meagan James
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Email : mjames77 @

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