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Beagle Club of NSW Double Ch Show Weekend (April 19 & 20, 2014)

Ch Beaglyn Star Attraction  "Shelby" - Reserve Bitch Challenge/Best Australian Bred in Show (Sat)

"Very well presented young lady that excelled on the move as she is a joy to 

watch in profile with her long reaching easy gait. This is simply down to her excellent conformation that pleases in every way"

- Dr Nigel Blackstock (UK)



and her three get:

Beaglyn Foreign Invasion (AI) - Baby Dog 4th (Sat) and Baby Dog 4th (Sun)

"Nice head and expression, good neck, well developed fore chest, good shoulders, good straight front, good compact 
body, moderate hindquarters, moves already nicely" - Claudia Pelzmann (AUT)

"Lovely tri with a well-balanced head and pleasing outline but he lacks the turn of stifle shown in the above" - Dr Nigel Blackstock (UK)


Beagle Foreign Adventure (AI) - Baby Dog 3rd (Sun) 
"beautiful head and expression, good length of neck, good shoulders, nice upper arm, straight front, well developed 
breastbone, good length of brisket, would prefer slightly shorter back, good hind quarters, nice movement" - Claudia Pelzmann (AUT)


Beaglyn Foreign Affair (AI) - Baby Bitch 3rd (Sat) and Baby Bitch 5th (Sun)

"Lovely balanced girl, very nice head and expression, beautiful neck, straight front, nice shoulders, lovely hind 
quarters, moves already with good drive " - Claudia Pelzmann (AUT)

"Beautiful tri bitch with many of the attributes of the above however she did 
lose her topline a little on the move and in a class of this quality this was 
expensive. Hopefully this will come as she fully matures"   
- Dr Nigel Blackstock (UK)






Beagle Club of NSW Double Ch Show Weekend (April 3 & 4, 2010)


Ch Beaglyn Wild One - Digby

Sat - 2nd Minor Dog (to Reserve CH Winner)

Gavin Robertson - "Slightly longer cast than 1. Clean neck and shoulders. Soft expression, very collected on the move for a youngster. Prefer tighter feet."


Sun - 1st Minor Dog, Best Minor in Show, Best Puppy 6-12 mths in Show!!

Sally Kimber - "1st & Best Minor Puppy -James’ Beaglyn Wild One – very smart compact tri with typical soft Beagle expression,

correct dark eye, good front and shoulders and moved with drive"



Beaglyn The One and Only - Brock

Sat - 1st Puppy Dog, Opposite Puppy in Show (to Best in Show winner!)

Gavin Robertson - "Nice head and expression. Strong bone, would not want anymore volume or length, but nice free mover, good forechest and well angled rear"

Sun - 1st Puppy Dog, Opposite Puppy in Show

Sally Kimber - "1st James’ Beaglyn the One and Only – I now see litter brother to the Minor Puppy winner – what a super litter –
very similar in overall type to his brother excellent head and expression, good front and bone with correct
topline and excellent turn of stifle, well muscled and in good overall condition."



Ch Jansline Cosmopolitan (mother of two pups above)

Sat - 2nd Aust Bred Bitch (class of 14)

Gavin Robertson -  "Quality bitch again, slightly longer cast than 1. Has nice shoulders and tight elbows. Good angled rear. Feminine head, just not got style of my winner. Nice free mover.

Sun - 3rd Aust Bred Bitch (class of 14), 2nd Dam & Progeny

Sally Kimber "3rd James’ Ch Jansline Cosmopolitan – 4 yr old quality type of tri bitch, nice head and expression but preferred front of those above."




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